And this is me, GIORGIA

I am an Italian living in beautiful Scotland since 2009 with my hybrid family: an American husband, Juno, our hairy American "dog daughter", our two boys born here and the ghost who lives in our house! Days are always too short, the espresso machine is always on but I try to make it slow when it comes to cooking, eating, spending time with family and taking pictures! I have always had the camera with me. Yes, I was the one with the huge camcorder making videos of outdoor trips with friends when we were still wearing high-waist jeans and huge t-shirts, and yes, the one taking a million pictures while on vacation with the family.

I came to Scotland and I became a member of the Dundee Photographic Society. I bought a DSLR camera, learnt to survive without using the automatic mode and started my photographic journey.

Landscape, people&Love celebration photography is what I love most, it gives me the opportunity to travel for new adventures with my amazing photo buddies and family, meet amazing people and their amazing stories, see the most beautiful places and be outside immersed in nature. My boys are my muses and every so often I just come out with crazy ideas like the picture up here! 

Taking a picture is leaving a trace able to recall a feeling, a memory or a unique moment in time and space.

Have a seat, slow down and enjoy.